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Mondays to Fridays 8am-1pm


Latest Clinic News:
FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING - could it help you?
In the past month I've done more Food Intolerance Tests than ever - the youngest patient being an "aggressive toddler" and the oldest an 84 year old lady suffering with severe and embarrassing flatulence. Read more about the test and what it involves on the "Moore Health Pain Relief Clinic" Facebook page.
A new website is about to be born - the Facebook page has already been safely delivered - it's specifically for all things related to pregnancy and babies - "Moore Mums & Little Ones Osteopathy Acupuncture" - please pass on to friends and family who are pregnant, or hoping to be, or struggling to cope with newborn babies.


On Monday and Friday mornings 8am-1pm, I am working in Penn Hill, Poole, renting a room within another Clinic.  Don't phone them!  I run my own patient list there, so either text me for an appointment on 07974247088, or ideally book yourself in by pressing the button at the top right of this page that says "CLICK to make an APPOINTMENT."

On Tuesday mornings and all day on Wednesdays I work from Lymington at The Wessex Clinic.  The receptionists currently run my patient list for me.  When making an appointment please say you are already a patient of mine, or a referral from a patient of mine, so they don't go looking for your notes!  Hoping to switch to Cliniko online booking there too soon.  Watch this space!


To be COVID-safe and compliant with all my governing bodies, there are a number of changes to how the clinics are run - firstly please fill in and return your COVID consent email before each and every appointment.  

On the day of your appointment please arrive at the appointed time, not early, so as not to run in to any other patients.  The reception/waiting room is no longer in use.  

Please wear a clean, clinical style blue (waterproof IIR) face-mask throughout the appointment.  I will take your temperature upon your arrival.  I take mine before leaving home and again at the clinic.

I will then ask you to wash or sanitise your hands, so don't wear plastic gloves.  

I will be wearing full Personal Protective Equipment, known as "PPE".  Full PPE consists of mask, visor/glasses, scrubs, apron, gloves.  

We have removed everything but the essentials from the clinic rooms, as we have to thoroughly clean the room between every patient. Please don't bring anything, or anyone, with you unless absolutely necessary.  Further details will have been sent to you on booking your appointment. 

Facebook - "Moore Health Pain Relief Clinic" - follow for further updates and information.

Our Services:
  • Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy

  • Medical Acupuncture

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy - for pain, phobias, stop smoking

  • Food Intolerance Testing

  • Nutritional Advice

  • SIRPA UK Consultation - resolution of chronic pain

  • NLP


for adults, children & babies


Get tested now to see if your symptoms can be due to intolerances.

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Check with your medical insurance provider before booking an appointment
For Emergencies Call 999 or go to A&E at your nearest hospital.