8:05am - 1.15pm

8.05am - 1.15pm

8:05am - 1.15pm

8.05am - 1.15pm

8:05am - 1.15pm










Opening Hours:



Contact us to schedule an appointment today.  All appointments are strictly by appointment only - we have no "drop in" sessions.  However, you can usually get an appointment within 24 hours of calling/texting.  During COVID restrictions there are some changes to the way we manage appointments. These will be explained on booking.

Text/Call Mobile on 07974247088



Pre-Covid Initial Appointments comprised of Case History Taking, Examination, Testing, and Treatment all face to face at the first appointment. COVID- safe - we must keep face to face time to a minimum - the Case History (and maybe examination) will be taken remotely - via telephone, Zoom, or FaceTime, and then there will be a subsequent Face to Face appointment for the examination, testing and treatment. 

Cost £60 total for both the remote and face to face appointments, as if they were one, prior to the appointments.

Subsequent appointments

Allow up to 40 minutes  Cost £50

Food Intolerance Testing:-

Initial remote appointment comprising of Case History Taking; then face to face testing; followed by an emailed Report of Findings

Allow up to half an hour remote plus half an hour F2F  Cost £150

Follow-up appointments last up to half an hour and cost £50.  This can be done remotely.

Other Treatments

Including Clinical Hypnosis, Nutritionist etc.  Costs vary and you will need to speak to the individuals concerned. 

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment is to be made by iZettle prior to each appointment. Payment confirms your appointment.  Please note that your therapist reserves the right to make a charge for any sessions you do not attend, or for late cancellations (within 24 hours).


If you are late for your appointment it will still have to end at the allotted time, so as not to keep all subsequent patients waiting, and to allow time to sanitise and air the room between patients.

On-site parking at BH14
Public car parks at SO41


Our aims are:-
  • to give you a diagnosis
  • to decrease your pain
  • to improve your circulation
  • to improve your mobility
  • to give you advice and information to manage your condition at home